Waste & Recycling

Waste is a symptom of a throw away society, the result of inefficient manufacturing and consumption patterns. Much of what we currently call ‘waste’ is actually a ‘resource’ that can be reused or recycled.

Our (over) use of resources impacts on the whole environment. Energy is needed for extraction of raw materials eg to cut down trees. Water, energy and chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. When wastes are disposed of in landfill, they contribute to the production of greenhouse gas (eg methane from organic matter) and so contribute to global warming. When we waste food we waste the water, energy and land used to grow our food. When we send our food to landfill we waste a resource that can be used to make a rich soil conditioner that can return nutrients to our very degraded soils and avoid the need for chemical fertilisers.

The best way to minimise our waste is to practice:

Avoidance – which is the key component to waste elimination. By avoiding waste we save resources and decrease the amount of waste for disposal. This means products designed so they eg are non-toxic, have usable components and can be recycled. 

Reusing –   equipment, furniture and containers and bottles or paper in printers etc, effectively extends the life of a product and decreases the amount of waste ending up in landfill. 

Recycling – which decreases the use of virgin materials and the associated pollution from extraction and again saves waste going to landfill.


Recycling Service

Metal and used automotive oils are currently the only recyclables Brewarrina Shire Council have facilities to manage.

Contact Details:
Brewarrina Shire Council
Ph: 02 68305100
Email: breshire@brewarrina.nsw.gov.au

Garbage Collection

Brewarrina Shire Council undertake garbage services in the Brewarrina township, Gongolgon and Goodooga.

Garbage collection occurs every Thursday in Brewarrina, Wednesday at Gongolgon and Goodooga. Bins must be placed on the gutter in front of the house the night before.

Commercial premises garbage collection is on Monday and Wednesday.

Garbage bins are the responsibility of the resident and can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Councillor Tommy Stanton


Elected to Council – 2014

Email – thomas.stanton5@det.nsw.edu.au

Councillor Noel Sheridan

Committees – Roads and Maritime Services Regional Consultative Committee & Western Regional Weeds Committee

Elected to Council – 2021 

Councillor Donna Jeffries

Committees-  Roads and Maritime Services Regional Consultative Committee, Tourism & Cultural Committee & Heritage Committee.
Elected to Council – 2017

Councillor Isaac Gordon

Councillor Douglas Gordon

Committee – Tourism & Cultural Committee

Elected to Council – 2021


Councillor Trish Frail

Committees – Murray Darling Association, Big Sky Library, Brewarrina General Cemetery Committee, Water Users & Tourism & Culture Committee.

Elected to Council – 2021

Councillor Mark Brown

Committees –  Aged Care, Brewarrina General Cemetery Committee & Heritage Committee.

Elected to Council – 2008

Email- markbrown2839@gmail.com

Deputy Mayor Angelo Pippos

Committees- Aged Care Committee, Big Sky Library & Traffic Committee.  

Elected to Council – 2008

Email angelo.pippos@hotmail.com

Mayor Vivian Slack-Smith

Committees – Brewarrina General Cemetery, Tourism & Cultural Committee.

Elected to Council 2017

Elected as Mayor 2022

Elected as Deputy Mayor 2020