Roads & Traffic

In the event of flooding, accidents or roadwork, road closure information within NSW can be obtained by visiting the RTA Live Traffic NSW website.

For any enquiries regarding the Road Closure Report please contact Council’s Technical Services Department on 02 6830 5100 or email council at

Please ensure to check surrounding Road Condition Reports as our unsealed road network connects with other Shires.

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Roads & Traffic

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Council is responsible for a sealed and unsealed road network of over 1,700 km across the region. To protect and prolong the life or our roads, Council works with a number of organisations including Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) whilst managing regular maintenance programs.

The road network within the Shire boundaries fall into one of the following categories:

State Highways

These are principal roads which connect the various parts of New South Wales. Council has the following two state highways:

Council is responsible for the maintenance of both Kamilaroi Highway (SH29) (Bourke Rd to the West and Walgett Rd to the East) and Arthur Hall VC Way (MR70) (Coolabah Rd to the South); the work is funded through TfNSW. All the state highways within the Shire have a sealed surface.

Highway NameLength (km)
Kamilaroi Highway (SH29)101
Arthur Hall VC Way (SH70)97

Regional Roads

These roads supplement the TfNSW state highway network and link the various regions between Brewarrina and neighboring Shires. Council has the following regional roads which vary in surface type:

The maintenance and upgrade for regional roads are funded by TfNSW block grant.

IDRoad NameGravel (km)Sealed (km)Total (km)
RR1Jobs Gate Rd6060
RR4Billybingbone Rd2929
RR70Goodooga Rd146146
RR437Bangate Rd3939

Local Roads

These roads include the Council’s public network located in rural areas outside shire townships. The majority of the local network is formed dry weather access only. Council has made progress to gravel key links with the local network to provide all weather access, such as Narran Lake Rd, Twin Rivers Road, and Goodooga – Brenda Rd.

The funding for the local network is provided by the Commonwealth – Road to Recovery program (R2R) and the State Financial Assistance Grant (FAG).

IDRoad NameLength (km)
Jobs Gate Rd37
2Gongolgon Tarcoon Rd56
3Narran Lake Rd46
5Charlton Rd37
6Goodooga Langboyd Rd52
7Gongolgon Byrock Rd54
8Monkey Bridge Rd60
9Bora Whyman Rd48
10East Culgoa Rd62
11Nigery Byrock Rd37
12Kahmoo Dunsandle Rd47
13Black Box Rd28
14Carcool Rd15
15Milroy West Bend Rd20
16Coola Talawanta Rd34
17Bukulla Brenda Rd48
18Bow Creek Rd37
19Tarcoon Byrock Rd44
20Yarrawin Rd70
21Wilby Wilby Rd17
22Cowga Rd10
23Coola Bunnawanna Rd32
24Aerodrome Rd1
25Goonoo Goonoo Rd9
26West Culgoa North Rd37
27Goodooga Brenda Rd22
28River Rd2
29Old Mission Rd10
30Marra Creek Rd1
308Carramar Rd54
403Twin Rivers Rd37
425West Culgoa South Rd61
438Fingerpost Rd20

Access or Spur Roads

The spur roads provide access to private properties; Council policy No. ENG4/1 states:

“Brewarrina Shire Council will assist with the cost of maintaining roads known as access or spur roads to parcels of land within Brewarrina Shire to which this policy applies, by the maintenance grading at no cost to the landholder, of these roads up to the boundary of the last separately owned landholding from time to time as considered necessary, when Council’s earth moving plant is in the vicinity. The maximum contribution to be made will be one grading in any twelve month period.”

Traditionally Council maintained 15 spur roads, of this list Goonoo Goonoo and Old Mission Rd have been included as part of the local road network; this was based on recommendations form the NSW Department of Industry; a summary of the spur roads is listed below.

IDSpur Road NameLength (km)Adjacent Shire Road
901Bobelah3Tarcoon Byrock Rd
902Sainsbury Park6Gongolgon Tarcoon Rd
903Toorak1Charlton Rd
904Myall Park7Arthur Hall VC Way (SH70)
905Coolaburra8Kamalaroi Hwy (SH29)
906Bundeera15Coola Bunnawunna Rd
907Bokhara Plains2Goodooga Rd
908Eurah4Coola Tullawanta Rd
909Narran Plains7Narran Lake Rd
910Wodalla1Goodooga Rd
911Killarney6Goodooga Rd
912Muckerawa3Goodooga Rd
913Yucurrie2Old Mission Rd
914Brooksville1Kahmoo Dunsandle Rd
915Glandore2Twin Rivers Rd
916Waggan3Jobs Gate Rd
917Nuer2Narran Lake Rd
918Carpenters2Narran Lake Rd

Urban Streets

Council have two main towns Brewarrina and Goodooga, with three smaller settlements, Gongolgon, Weilmoringle and New Angledool. Most of the streets in Brewarrina and Goodooga are sealed.

In addition to the urban streets, Brewarrina and Goodooga include laneways behind the houses; these are used to accommodate utility services.

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