Local Environment Plans

The Brewarrina Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP).

The Brewarrina Local Envioronmental Plan 2000 is replaced by the Brewarrina Local Environmental Plan 2012.


Brewarrina LEP Instrument

Brewarrina LEP Matrix

Development Control Plan

Brewarrina Development Control Plan 2023

Brewarrina Local Government Maps:

Heritage Map – Sheet HER_002
Heritage Map – Sheet HER_002A
Heritage Map – Sheet HER_004B
Heritage Map – Sheet HER_005
Land Application Map – Sheet LAP_001
Land Reservation Acquisition Map – Sheet LRA_001
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_001
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_001A
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_002
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_003
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_003A
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_004
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_004A
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_004B
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_005
Lot Size Map – Sheet LSZ_006
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_001
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_001A
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_002
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_003
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_003A
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_004
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_004A
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_004B
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_005
Land Zoning Map – Sheet LZN_006

Councillor Tommy Stanton


Elected to Council – 2014

Email – thomas.stanton5@det.nsw.edu.au

Councillor Noel Sheridan

Committees – Roads and Maritime Services Regional Consultative Committee & Western Regional Weeds Committee

Elected to Council – 2021 

Councillor Donna Jeffries

Committees-  Roads and Maritime Services Regional Consultative Committee, Tourism & Cultural Committee & Heritage Committee.
Elected to Council – 2017

Councillor Isaac Gordon

Councillor Douglas Gordon

Committee – Tourism & Cultural Committee

Elected to Council – 2021


Councillor Trish Frail

Committees – Murray Darling Association, Big Sky Library, Brewarrina General Cemetery Committee, Water Users & Tourism & Culture Committee.

Elected to Council – 2021

Councillor Mark Brown

Committees –  Aged Care, Brewarrina General Cemetery Committee & Heritage Committee.

Elected to Council – 2008

Email- markbrown2839@gmail.com

Deputy Mayor Angelo Pippos

Committees- Aged Care Committee, Big Sky Library & Traffic Committee.  

Elected to Council – 2008

Email angelo.pippos@hotmail.com

Mayor Vivian Slack-Smith

Committees – Brewarrina General Cemetery, Tourism & Cultural Committee.

Elected to Council 2017

Elected as Mayor 2022

Elected as Deputy Mayor 2020