Planning Certificates

Brewarrina Shire employs staff to manage the complexity of planning issues. Council’s Environmental Health and Building staff are available to assist you with planning issues and can be contacted on 02 6830 5100. 

Download application forms for planning & environment certificates

Planning Certificate(s) Application Form

Certificate Application Form

S68 Application Form

S168 Road Application Form

Planning Certificates are administered under the following acts:

Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 Section 149

Local Government Act 1993 Section 603

Local Government Act 1993 Section 735A

Fees for Planning Certificates under the above Acts are as per Council Fees and Charges 2023 – 2024

Planning Certificates

Section 10.7 (2) “Zoning”$62.00
Section 10.7 (5) “Land Restrictions”$94.00
Request for a Drainage Diagram – (Please note this fee is non-refundable, if there is no drainage diagram on Council record, Council will instead provide a letter indicating information on sewer connections to the allocated land.)$62.00
Urgent Certificate Provision – additional cost for certificates that are required with under 48 hours-notice$62.00
Outstanding notice – Section 735A (Loc. Gov. Act.)$80.00
Outstanding notices Section 121ZP (E P & A Act)$80.00
Building Certificate for all other buildings: not exceeding 200 sqm$250.00
Exceeding 200 sqm but not 2000 sqm$250.00 plus 50 cents per sqm over 200
Exceeding 2000 sqm$1165 plus 75 cents per sqm over 2000
Additional fee for certificates required with 24 hours-notice$175.00 per certificate
Cancellation of any certificate applications (% retained to cover administration costs)10% of application fee
Local Government Act Sec 68 (F2 Activity Approval)$200.00
Local Government Act Sec 68 (D) Approval$100.00

All applications for certificates must be on council’s Planning Certificate Application Form

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